KrioSystem finalized the delivery of the complete helium cryogenic system for the new cryogenic test facility in CERN. The facility is dedicated for testing the superconductive magnets of the FAIR accelerator. The project includes three Satellite ValveBoxes (SVB), one Connection ValveBox (CVB), and four multichannel Transfer Lines (TL). The system is designed to deliver helium at 4.5 K for testing purposes. Design pressure is 19 barg.

In building 180, located on the French territory of its Meyrin site, CERN built a cryogenic test facility for the future needs of the laboratory. The facility was constructed by refurbishing and upgrading the existing infrastructure and will be at first used for the cryogenic testing of Super-FRS magnets for the international Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) being built at the GSI Research Center in Darmstadt, Germany.

The test facility contains three test benches for testing the superconducting devices. The purpose of the cryogenic system of the test facility is to provide to each test bench an appropriate mass flow of helium at the required temperature and pressure conditions to cool down the devices to operational temperature, maintain the required temperature conditions (4.5 K) during tests, and warm up the devices after the tests. The main components of the cryogenic system are a helium refrigeration system, two cool-down / warm-up units, a liquid nitrogen tank, a liquid helium dewar, six cryogenic valve boxes, and various cryogenic transfer lines.