Check out our offer for industry and science.


We offer a comprehensive supply of cryogenic installations, including design, production, and assembly. As part of building cryogenic systems, we also offer:

  • Delivery of cryogenic fittings: cryogenic valves (manual, solenoid, pneumatic), cryogenic safety valves, cryogenic pressure reducers;
  • Deliveries of cryogenic tanks and dewars;
  • Automation and metering systems for installations;


VIP – vacuum-insulated pipeline is commonly used for the transfer of liquefied technical gases and LNG. In order to easily modify the route of the pipeline, our offer includes flexible vacuum-insulated hoses. The separator is used to separate the gaseous and liquid phases of the cryogenic medium, thanks to which it ensures the supply of a homogeneous liquid to the collection point.


For science, KRIOSYSTEM offers deliveries of such devices as:

  • CRYOSTATS – for testing and research in liquefied or superfluid helium conditions
  • VALVE BOXES – for separating the helium stream and separating the gaseous and liquefied phases
  • MULTICHANNEL TRANSFER LINES for the transfer of liquefied helium
  • CRYOGENIC MODULES INTEGRATED WITH LOW-TEMPERATURE SUPERCONDUCTORS – for the transmission of helium and electricity in superconducting conditions

Each of the above devices is individually designed to meet the requirements of the application.

Devices for science