We have the experience and capacity to complete high-tech projects comprehensively, from the design phase to on-site installation. We start with a consultation to understand the customer’s needs in terms of the expected solutions. This is when a conceptual sketch is created. The whole thing is subsequently designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with the applicable standards. Our services also include certification and commissioning. Take a closer look at the stages of the entire process.



As experts, we have the relevant knowledge and extensive experience in cryogenics. We offer full consulting support in this area. We share our knowledge and expertise, inform you of the risks, and direct you toward appropriate and optimized solutions. We assist in component selection. We present complete cryogenic solutions.


We specialise in creating 3D models of implemented projects based on customer requirements and our own knowledge and experience. We work on CAD models starting from the conceptual design through the final version up to the 2D documentation which we then use during the manufacturing of the equipment.

We carry out strength and flexibility analyses of the designed pipelines. The calculations are carried out on the basis of the selected pipeline standard and will take into account various operating scenarios as well as loads and fixing. Completing the pipeline design with FEM calculations allows for a comprehensive analysis of a given case and obtaining the most optimal design.


We have a production hall with an area of 2000 m2. We have devices for conducting leak tests, liquid nitrogen shock tests, and for vacuum production. Our expertise includes welding, soldering, mechanical treatment, and cryogenic insulation.


We currently hold several certifications that put our work organization and the quality of our services at a high level: ISO 9001, PN EN 3834-2, pressure directive, and material handling.

Our quality assurance system is organized on several levels. The first is an organized system of product control during production in the production workshop. The second is the testing process carried out by the quality department represented by test and vacuum engineers and visual test inspectors. The third is the supervision of project managers and engineers, who are responsible for providing the customer with a product that complies with specifications and good engineering practices.


The quality assurance system implemented at KrioSytem not only guarantees high-quality standards that meet customer requirements, but also the highest level of service and support both during and after the project.


We prepare complete documentation for approvals by notified bodies.

KrioSystem Support

Every customer with our installation has access to technical support. We advise and assist in the maintenance of the installation by offering periodic inspections.