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Our offer for you includes therapeutic cryochambers, helping you to recover your health and to regain energy.

The whole-body cryotherapy is one of the noninvasive methods of applying cold for healing purposes. It is more and more popular throughout the world because of the positive influence of whole-body cryotherapy on the human’s body, which is constantly confirmed by numerous research and by the patients themselves.


Mobile Cryochamber
with the highly advanced technology and the highest safety standards; standard 20f container making the transportation easy.


Premium Cryochamber
technologically advanced customized cryochamber with the application of the modern design.


Outside container
technologically advanced device to be installed outdoors (next to a building, on a stadium, etc.).


Stationary Cryochamber
standard, robust solution among the cryochambers, mostly installed in health resorts.


What does it consist in?

Whole-body cryotherapy treatment lasts only 2 to 3 minutes, but despite such a short time the positive effects in the patient’s body appear, significantly improving his or her self-feeling, fitness and health. Important is the fact, that when appropriately applied whole-body cryotherapy is safe and successfully applied in rehabilitation, treatment, prophylaxis as well as in sports medicine.

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What is whole-body cryotherapy?

Whole-body cryotherapy is a noncomplicated and a noninvasive method of applying temperatures lower than -1200C to the outer surface of the body, in order to evoke and make use of physiological reactions to cold. The body’s positive response to whole-body cryotherapy is a supportive factor in the treatment of the underlying disease of the locomotor system and facilitates mobility treatment (kinesiotherapy). Also, the whole-body cryotherapy is widely used in sport. It eliminates the negative effects of physical exercise, as well as helping sports professionals prepare to more intense training.

Poland alone, being the world leader in cryotherapy, has carried out the thousands of procedures, and the number of existing cryochambers is not enough to satisfy the demand. KrioSystem is perfectly covering that demand with their offer.

Application of Cryochambers

  • Juvenile chronic arthritis
  • Reactive arthritis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Arthragra – joint inflammation through metabolic abnormalities - gout
  • Chronic inflammation of the cervical spine
  • Painful shoulder syndrome
  • Periarthritis (tendinitis), bursitis and muscle inflammation
  • Fibromyalgia syndrome (soft tissue rheumatic disease)
  • Dislocations and joint sprains due to trauma
  • Meniscus injury
  • Tearing of tendons and muscles
  • Dealing with chronic and pathological pain for patients treated with conservative methods
  • Dealing with reflexive and centrifugal spastic muscles in the process of neurological rehabilitation
  • Acute and post-surgical sports injuries
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Biological renewal for :
    - physically and mentally exhausted adults
    - professional sportsmen
Poland is a world lider in the treatment with the application of the whole-body cryotherapy.

The cryochambers which are currently manufactured in Poland are based around the concept created by the scientists and engineers from Wroclaw, amont them the current employees of Kriosystem. The cryochambers manufactured by Kriosystem are equipped with the best safety systems. In our cryochambers the patients have no direct contact with the cooling medium, which makes the treatment safe and highly comfortable.


What is the reaction of the human’s body to such a low temperatures?

The application of the whole-body cryotherapy induces a numer of positive reactions in our body activating its rapid regeneration and activating the self-healing mechanisms. Here are some effects of the whole-body cryotherapy confirmed by research:

  • highly beneficial effect on the psyche – mood improvement is visible;
  • neuromuscular response – relaxation of the tense muscles surrounding the affected joints, which significantly increases their strength despite considerable muscle atrophy, characteristic of this condition. In addition, the nerve conduction is slowed down – it also applies to muscle spasticity;
  • circulatory response – contractions of skin blood vessels, then their relaxation and a marked hyperaemia;
  • the feeling of subjective painlessness relating not only to joints and body surface pain, but also to the feeling of pain inside the body itself – the feeling of tiredness disappears;
  • hormonal response – increase in ACTH, cortisone, precursor of b-endorphin A and NA and testosterone in men.

Our cryochambers have been awarded the certificate by the Testing and Research Centre PREDOM-OBR (laboratory certified to issue EC certificates for medical devices) and have been entered into the Office for Registration of Medical Devices (URPL).

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